Instructions on Using the Website to place orders for your printer consumables and parts wesite Point your we browser to the website

Click Login button to enter customer portal.
You will be taken to the login screen. This is where you enter the
Username (The email address that we use to communicate with you), and the password provided.

There are also buttons to the left of the login box that give a brief overview of two common common tasks. Ordering Supplies and Entering machine page counter readings, if required.
Sales Order
Once you have logged in you will be presented with several blocks of information. These blocks will change positions depending on the witdh of your browser window.

In the user setting box you can log out by clicking on the lock icon.

To order Toner, Ink,  Drums or other items click on the New Sales Order button in the Sales Order box.
Sales Order
On the New Sales Order Page there is an area for a PO Number if your company needs a PO to be generated when ordering, As well as a comments area. These can be filled out now or after you have selected the items you wish to order.

To select items to order you click on the ADD ITEMS button. This will generate a FIND ITEMS popup that allows you to select the printer you wish supplies for.
find item
On the FIND ITEMS popup click on Equipment. This will generate a list of printers that you have.

If there are any printers missing or ones that need to be removed please let us know.

Also make sure that Printer location is correct. Initially we may not already have the locations for your printers, but will update our system once we have this information.

Click on the printer you wish to order supplies for.
Find items
Enter the quantity of each item you would wish to order for this printer and click OK. This will take you back to the sales order page and display the items that you selected on the Sales Order
Find Items
You can review the items, Enter a P.O. Number (If Required by your company) and add Optional comments.

Clicking SAVE will submitt the order to our system and our sales reps will be notified by Email that a new order has arrived.